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success stories

"...their devotion was unreal"

We appreciate the continuous help we got throughout the process until the time came to say mazel tov. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts

-Lea Mazal Baobut & Avraham Kabaei

It was an absolute pleasure working with the Yakobys. They made the dating
process extremely easy, and they were very prompt and courteous throughout. We
really enjoyed working with them and we really appreciate everything that they have done for us.

-Ethan & Jasmine Razi

Rabbi Yakoby’s involvement during the dating process allowed us to maximize each date. With his help, the dates were goal oriented and purposeful. Each of us had clarity on where the other was holding and what the next step entailed. Additionally, Rabbi Yakoby readily made himself available any time we needed clarification and guidance. He was there to encourage and strengthen us the entire time. Thank you GetMatchedLA!

- Simon and Chaya Sadighpour

We are both very grateful to have had someone like Rabbi Yakoby to facilitate our
matchmaking. Rabbi Yakobi was always there to share his advice and to help us make proper decisions. His devotion was unreal. After each date he made sure to call both sides to see how things went, if there were concerns, and how we enjoyed. 

- Tova and Michael Saghizadeh

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