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warmth, personal guidance and attention to detail

About Us

GetMatched is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our community’s outstanding young single men and women make it to the chuppah. Founded by Rabbi Moshe Yakoby, GetMatched provides critical services to our young singles population in their quest to get married and build Jewish families.

GetMatched offers singles uparalleled time, resources and genuine care they would not find anywhere else. Staff members typically spend over an hour meeting with each client, pushing past superficialities and getting to know each person in a real and lasting way. Through this investment of time and care, Rabbi Yakoby and staff are best able to pinpoint viable matches, as well as offer critical support and coaching through the dating process.


Since its inception in July 2017, GetMatched has brought over forty couples to the chuppah, and arranged thousands of dates, quickly expanding beyond its original target community to encompass the East Coast, Sefardim and Ashkenazim as well. GetMatched now boasts a database of thousands, but still functions much as it did from the start - through the comprehensive care and support the Yakobys offer to each and every single person who walks through their office door.


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